Songlife Philosophy

A few of my ideas …

I aim to get students to make discernible music immediately, whether it be a very basic strumming pattern or short melody, as I firmly believe that sound motivates before technique or theory. We, the learner and I, set small goals and work with a brick by brick mentality in order to build a strong musical foundation. I will focus on your needs and goals entirely to help you build or further an existing structure that suits you or your child. For this, we will focus on one thing at a time, as it gets us to our goals quicker, with an initial focus on the doing by learning songs/pieces by heart.

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The Songlife Approach

Lesson Formats

Music Impulse

For young kids ages 5 to 8

The main aim of this course is to spend constructive musical time with young children. This course aims to warm them up to organised sound, and activate their motor skills and cognitive engagement.

Initially, young children have a very physical reaction to music, while theory and organised performance of music are abstract concepts to them. In most cases young children, between the ages of 5 and 8, who show an interest in music or even musical talent (or tendencies of such) are not necessarily ready to start with an instrument. So before parents invest in an instrument, I make different instruments, including percussion instruments, available in these lessons, to help them warm up to the environment of being in a lesson and getting their musical impulses flowing. I set very small, achievable goals to find out how to motivate them and simultaneously learn how best to teach them, and eventually implement constructive learning inputs that match their capabilities.

Absolute Beginners kids

For children age 8 and older

In this course we aim on building a strong foundation in “guitar accompaniment“. For beginners this age, we put a main focus on rhythm and harmony (chords) and melody, using the vast repertoire of modern or vintage popular music genres and songs. Depending on the pace of development, we will also touch on arpeggios and other skills that are rewarding for budding acoustic guitar players.

Absolute beginners

For adults, all ages

This format is especially designed to meet the needs of those adults, who have dreamt of playing the guitar for a long time and who are ready to take the first step. Your age does not matter, it is never too late to get started.

In a most relaxed fashion, we aim to get you strumming or fingerpicking as soon as possible. With carefully curated learning material that interests and motivates you, I will also create practice plans which suit your adult lifestyle – not too time consuming or mind boggling, but just what you need in order to achieve what you aspire to on the guitar.

Intermediate acoustic accompaniment

Exploring the vast amount of styles one can play on the acoustic guitar. All ages.

The content of this course is solely dependent on what you are already capable of and what you desire to play and learn.

Beginners electric

All ages.

Here we get rocking and dive into classic riffs that get the blood pumping.

Initially, we will learn the same fundamentals as on the acoustic guitar, but soon afterwards we branch into music that is intrinsic to the electric guitar. Whether it be rock, jazz or pop, blues or African styles of playing, we aim to get you to the sound you want with a systematic process made up of specific well known songs and riffs that equip you with skills to further develop.

Intermediate electric

All ages.

Intermediate students set the tone of learning here. They mostly have an idea of what they like to play and I aim to support their individual development through the learning of specific songs and riffs.


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